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Kidsburgh Ticket Types and Prices
Kidsburgh Family Membership Price
Forest FamilyPass
(Free 5 kids admission and more privileges)
Ocean FamilyPass
(Free 9 kids admission and more privileges)
Share FamilyPass
(Free 28 kids admission and more privileges)
Ticket Information:
  1. Members must present your card to have membership price. Please inquiry from our staff for the registration of membership.
  2. Kids’ Tickets & Family passes are allowed for those under 12 years old to enter Kidsburgh in weekdays and holidays. Tickets without company stamp or incomplete are invalid.
  3. Parent ticket can only be used by the same parent.
  4. Tickets are required at entrance. One-day tickets and Family Passes are valid for unlimited entrance on the visit day.
  5. Kid’s ticket and Family Passes are allowed to attend numerous courses. (Except for fee-paying courses).
  6. For safety concern, parents should fill in correct information for comparison.
  7. Children under 3 years old, with children’s health insurance card or baby manual, can be accompanied by a parent for free. Children under 12 years old, with children’s disability manual, can be accompanied by a parent for free. Those who are with free ticket are not allowed to have this privilege.
  8. Receipts are required for refund, and NT$250 handling fee will be charged.
  9. One coupon is allowed to use at each time. Special offers cannot be used at the same time.
  10. Hourly tickets are not allowed to attend the courses and valid for certain hours; any extra hours will be charged.
  11. Tickets are sold with invoice, Kidsburgh will not invoice when using tickets.
  12. Tickets are no replacement when tickets can’t be identified because of lost or extremely damaged.
  13. Kidsburgh reserves the right to amend above contents at any time.
Admission Notice:
  1. Please follow admission notice and the directions of our staff to prevent accidents.
  2. Please check body temperature, wear socks and clean hands before entrance. Please prepare towels or new outfits when needed.
  3. Parents and kids are encouraged to bring water bottles for environmental concern.
  4. Please take off any sharp or fragile items (such as glasses, hairpin, pin, ect.) from your kids to avoid injury.
  5. Parents should help kids wear diapers to keep the environment clean.
  6. Parents should keep the admission tickets for identity check at exit.
  7. No food, drinks (only water), pets or dangerous items inside Kidsburgh.
  8. Valuables should be kept with you when entering; Kidsburgh will bear no responsibility for compensation.
  9. Those who are with fever, epidemic disease or special conditions (such as heart disease, epilepsy, and etc.) are not allowed entrance.
  10. In case of any emergency or illness, please inform our staff.
  11. Please keep the environment clean, and take care of your belongings.
  12. All teaching tools, toys, books, equipments are Kidsburgh’s properties. They should be used inside Kidsburgh. Please inform the receptionists if any damage or missing is found.
  13. Kidsburgh offers public liability insurance.
  14. For safety concern, limited number of entrance is required.
Class Notices: Please follow the instructions below to create a quality learning environment at Kidsburgh:
  1. Please let your children drink some water and go to the bathroom before the class.
  2. Do not attend the classroom 5 minutes late.
  3. Do not leave and enter the classroom arbitrarily during class hours.
  4. Parents are suggested to assist children in class if children are under 3 years old.
  5. Parents should switch off cell phones or turn them to vibration mode while attending class.
  6. Do not walk around the classroom or interfere children when taking photograph during class hour.
Steps into Kidsburgh:
  1. Please check body temperature;
  2. Please put a stamp on your hand;
  3. Please take off shoes;
  4. Please put on socks;
  5. Please clean your hands carefully;
  6. Please enter in an orderly manner.
  7. Please remember to bring your water bottles.
For any further information, please feel free to contact with us.
Customer service line: 0800-859-666 (Mon.-Fri., 10:00am-12:00pm AND 13:30pm-17:30pm, Weekends & Holidays Excluded)