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About Kidsburgh

Kidsburgh was founded in July 2010. It is an education-experiencing platform that focuses on children’s physical fitness, creativity, and character building. With innovative large-scale amusement facilities, we have attracted children under 12 years old to participate in the game and curricula. In addition to amusement facilities, Kidsburgh also combines abundant curricula. With different themes, we incorporate character, creativity, arts, dance, and other educational elements into curricula and games, allowing children to enjoy, guiding them to learn from playing, and realizing Kidsburgh’s brand motto “play as you build character, play as you gain health, and play as you foster creativity”.

Environment Introduction

Once you arrive at Kidsburgh would be attracted by the colorful environment. With artists’ hand-painted skills, each dinosaur, forest, animal, puppet, house and even street are so vivid in the space. The creativities and colors are stimulating children’s imagination and sense of beauty. Kidsburgh equips with self-develop large-scale amusement facilities, kids are allowed to explore freely in the safe and broad space. Professional tutors accompany and guide children in using the facility, so that children can enjoy games while be trained with their physical development and sensory integration based on amusement equipment’s functionality to fulfill their exploration and learning desire.

Curricula Introduction

Kidsburgh emphasizes “play as you build character, play as you gain health, and play as you foster creativity”. All of Kidsburgh’s curricula are developed by our professional teaching team, combines with different teaching tools, skills and through DIY to arouse kids’ interest of learning.

1. Character Forest Story House

Stories can bring kids into a kingdom with free imagination and no boundaries. Based on the deep understanding of the essence, joy and needs for kids’ learning, Kidsburgh develops interesting and educational stories. Every story involves scenario demonstration and interactive games, allowing observant and imitative kids to find their moral role models and internalize important life core values.

2. Exercise Fun

Moderate amount of exercise can train kids’ different muscle groups, boost hand-eye coordination and sensory integration, and help with the development of body functions. Healthy body is the basis for sound brain development and character cultivation. “Exercise Fun” is a group music and rhythm game designed by Kidsburgh’s professional tutors with the aid of safe recreational facilities. Kids can strengthen their physical fitness and develop cooperative skills through group activities.

3. Dynamic Forest Party

Kidsburgh hopes to educate kids to better understand their bodies through dancing, and learn to use and coordinate their limbs. In “Dynamic Forest Party” curriculum, kids can increase their flexibility, muscular endurance, balance and sense of space. Kids can also develop creativity and aesthetic cultivation through activities designed by tutors incorporating rhythmic gymnastics, kids’ yoga and elements from body aesthetics. Through the activities, kids can learn to dance with confidence, with health and with joy beautifully from both inside and outside.

4. Theme Festival

Kidsburgh lays much emphasis on character education and monthly designs a character building theme. To motivate kids and bring the learning experience closer to real life, Kidsburgh encompasses the monthly featured festive spirit with character building. Through combined activities of story, game, dancing and drama, kids can learn about the meaning of the festivals and are encouraged to put the monthly character theme into practice. Kids can have fun while learning, and enjoy a joyful and educational festival.

5. Scenario Adventure

According to Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, the intelligence spectrum involves not only the traditional aspects of language and mathematical logic, but also space, music, body, interpersonal relation, self-reflection and nature exploration. Kidsburgh’s tutors create an imaginative scenario by stories, combined with the traits of the surroundings to lead kids through a mission activity. It can not only arouse kids’ interests in learning, but stimulate their potential with diversified intelligence education implementations.

6. Magic Paradise

“Magic Paradise” is an interesting and diversified character-building curriculum. Kidsburgh’s tutors use different teaching tools including building toy bricks, fun roller, and sense-of-touch-balancing pedal to design curriculum activities that combine physical training and development, rhythm, scenario adventure, role play, and aesthetics. Kids can experience sensory exploration, stimulate creativity and build up confidence. Kids can also develop cooperative skills and mutual respect through interactive group games.

* For further information, please contact us at 0800-859-666. (Mon.-Fri., 10:00am-12:00pm AND 13:30pm-17:30pm, Weekends & Holidays Excluded)